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Running into the Rez

Posted by admin on April 26, 2017

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This is going to be a tricky one this week a Ross Barnett.  Coming in I really wanted to focus my practice on fishing shallow, but knew if I didn’t feel like it was happening I’d have to get offshore some and  explore that mid-depth zone.  After practice, I’d say I’m feeling a bit confused as to which direction to go.  It’s a transition time here and this event is setting up to be a real grind.  With most of the fish going into that postspawn phase, it seems we’re in that familiar postspawn funk.  Although I anticipate a tough event there will definitely be good bags weighed in this week.  This one will be all about flying by the seat of your pants and fishing the moment.  We just finished up with Toledo Bend and after having to make a lot of decisions throughout the day, I think I’ll at least be well prepared for that aspect of the event.

Toledo Bend is a place I’ve always enjoyed in the past.  It’s a fun place to fish and it’s one of those lakes that I’ve always just felt comfortable at.  After having poor events at the Okeechobee and the Classic, I was ready for some fun.

After getting on the water I quickly realized it was fishing tougher than it normally had.  I spent my first day solely fishing shallow and it was a grind.  I moved out a bit more onto some staging areas and starting putting something together.  I threw a chatterbait around in those areas and ended up catching a couple big postspawn fish.  The last day of practice I built on more of what I had figured out day two.  I went into an area that set up well and focused all of my time there.  Before long, I had caught about twenty pounds pretty quickly and started getting pretty excited to kick off the event.

Day one I hit the water fired up as ever.  I hit my first spot of the day and didn’t manage a bite which got me a bit nervous.  Fortunately, our next stop yielded some more encouraging results.  Soon after arriving, I hooked up and lost one then put the first four pounder in the boat right afterwards.  That’s when I started thinking this was really going to work.  I ended up putting a little over nineteen pounds in the boat and started off the event in a great position.

The second day was a bit more of a grind.  I hooked up and caught one over five pounds early, but never really caught much otherwise.  I had enough to stay in the mix and make the cut to fish on day three.

I hadn’t been getting much of a morning bite on day one and day two, so day three I decided to make a move to try and maximize the early shad spawn.  Based on what I had seen, I figured I could catch about ten to twelve pounds fairly quickly, but didn’t expect to catch much size.  As expected, we were able to put together a quick limit but, fortunately for me, the size was much better than expected.  I ended up catching a four and a half and six pounder from those shad spawn fish and started off my day great.  I did make one mistake in the heat of the moment while getting those fish fired up.  While catching those schoolers, I was so fired up that I made another cast after putting the last fish in the well.  Thankfully, it didn’t end up costing me anything.

As it got later in the day I felt like I needed another big bite.  I had an area in my mind where I felt had a good potential to produce one, but was a long run down lake.  At 1:30pm I decided to make that run.  I arrived at the spot about 2pm and at 2:15pm I got that ever important bite.  I kept putting that chatterbait to work and hooked up and landed a key five pounder which helped get us to day four.

I started off my day again chasing the shad spawn.  Something definitely changed as it was amped up like crazy.  In my first six casts I caught a limit and just continued smashing them.  It was such a fun way to catch them all week.  It was all about decisions as things were changing by the day.  Thankfully, things worked out very well for me and we were able to get that momentum back in the other direction.  With a pattern emerging, my Lakemaster mapping really helped me save time running around and be able to find similar areas just by looking at the maps.

I stuck around at Toledo Bend afterwards to just have some fun.  It’s really important to make time to fun fish and just go out without that feeling of having to find a better spot or catching a bigger fish like in the tournament setting.  It really helps you relax, recharge, and get back to the essence of the sport. 

After leaving the Bend, we hit the road and spent a couple of days at Rayburn looking around getting ready for our next event there then stopped in Oklahoma and spent some time with our friends Kevin LeDoux and his wife. 

Now, I’m at Ross Barnett getting ready to grind out some fickle postspawn largemouth bass.  With a good event at Toledo Bend, I’m hoping that momentum continues in the forward direction here and throughout the next half at the season.  I’m recharged and ready for whatever “the Rez” has in store for us this week.

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Classic Time at Conroe

Posted by admin on March 23, 2017


Here we are now on the eve of the 2017 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Conroe.  We wrapped up our final day to look around yesterday and after having a fairly challenging practice, it was nice to have another day to poke around.  After making it down for a couple days in January to ride around the conditions changed between then and official practice.  The water seemed to get a little dirtier, but overall not too bad.  This time of year things are apt to change with the fish following the stages of the spawn.  I felt like I did what I needed to do in practice to find the winning fish and until yesterday I didn’t get a lot of confidence in it.  During our final run through yesterday it was still a grind, but I think a light bulb may have started to at least flicker.

If you look at Lake Conroe’s history, it isn’t the kind of lake you can expect to catch twenty to thirty fish a day.  What it lacks in overall numbers however, it more than makes up for in size potential.  It really has some big ones in it and it’s going to show out for the Classic.

Starting the year off with a couple Elite Series events before the Classic has definitely been a change of pace.  Like anything, it has its pros and cons.  One positive is that you get to make sure your boat, graphs and all of your tackle is set up properly and tuned in.  Taking away that worry is a big one.  Another pro is the fact that you are also able to tune yourself in more mechanically and keep your decision making as sharp as possible instead of coming right out of the offseason into the Classic.  One of the only things that I would put in the con category would be the change up can be somewhat of a shock to a normal year’s routine.  Overall, I’m not one that believes you have to have a routine.  However, in this case it definitely shifts your offseason focus from putting all your eggs into the Classic basket and instead it’s to the Elites.

Starting off the Elite season definitely helps with the confidence going into Conroe.  Okeechobee was frustrating, but the only thing you can do is shake that one off and use the Cherokee event for confidence.  There is so much going on at the Classic and it can be hard to focus at the job at hand at times.  Now that I’ve been here and done this for a while now, it allows me to use my time wisely and keep my peace of mind which in turn allows me to focus on what I need to do.  It’s easy to get caught up in just going through the motions.  Even if you are practicing hard it can cause you to miss some minor detail that could make all the difference.  It’s a constant learning process for me and I’m sure plenty of other anglers on keeping that laser focus throughout practice, throughout the event and throughout the season.  One of the biggest things that helps me is having fun.  You have to put in the work, but allowing yourself to enjoy the experience as well can really benefit you.

On a side note, Tiffanie and my RV adventures had an interesting mishap earlier in the week.  It seems our camera guy that is along for the season left our bathroom sink running and flooded the bathroom in the RV.  We had to drain it and are still assessing the overall water damage and running the fans to keep things from rotting.  The positives are no one got hurt and it wasn’t tonight or during the actual Classic.  So, for now we just took a deep breath and will deal with whatever we have to after this week.

It’s time for another Bassmaster Classic tomorrow and everything is ready to go.  With the time in between practice and the actual tournament it gives you the opportunity to organize and tune everything in for the biggest show in bass fishing.  I feel confident that I have done what I need to do to prepare for this year’s Classic.  The only thing left is to go out there and fish the moment each day.  We’ll see you in Houston!

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New Additions for 2017

Posted by admin on March 7, 2017


We’re kicking off a new season with a couple new additions and partnerships for 2017.  We just made it down to Tennessee and will begin practice for the first Elite Series event on Cherokee Lake tomorrow.  Tiffany and I left Idaho with a new truck and fifth wheel trailer that we will be living in for the upcoming season.  I’ve never even owned a camper before so it’ll be a fun new adventure for both of us.  We had talked about it for a long time and finally both got tired of packing and unpacking our things all of the time.  I must say that so far, this is a great way to travel.  It’s pretty cool to just pull into a truck stop on the road, run the propane heater and climb into a king sized bed at the end of day.

After leaving Idaho, our first stop was in Texas to pick up the newly wrapped Tundra and Skeeter.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out this year and look forward to putting some miles on both this season.  Once we arrived, the fun of packing both the truck and the boat began.  Being efficient on and off the water is extremely important in this sport so I really focus on organizing both accordingly.

Some other new things I’m excited about for 2017 are a couple of new partnerships with Alpha Angler RodsSeaguar Line, and Zoom Bait Company.  I made the switch to Alpha Angler based on their unique approach to the rod market.  It’s truly different than anything I’ve seen.  Their main focus is on the quality and performance of the product.  They are also dedicated to providing great customer service.  It’s totally an e-commerce business that is direct to consumer with no middle man.  What this does is allow us to sell the product for less and give the savings back to the angler.  The other really cool thing about what we are doing is that we can constantly work to put new models into the market as well as improve existing ones.  We don’t have to wait to release them.

I’m also very excited to be working with companies like Seaguar and Zoom.  The quality of the products is exceptional and I always want to align myself with innovative companies.  Like most of the fishing world, I’ve been using Zoom softbaits for much of my lifetime.  I have a ton of confidence in their products and you truly can’t put a price on that.

Everything is ready to go and I’m ready to kick things off this week at Cherokee Lake.  We’ve been talking about the upcoming season for so long now that I can’t wait to actually get on the water.  We could have some cold weather this week and I’m truly hoping for it.  I’m so used to the snow and cold that I feel like it’s an advantage whenever we have to fish in it. 

After Cherokee we’ll be heading to Okeechobee which should crank out some big weights.  It’s usually our highest winning weight of the season when we go down there, but also the lowest to make a check.  Florida fishing is usually a great example of the “haves” and the “have nots”.  It’s all about getting one or two big bites a day to jump yourself up that leaderboard.  Of all the Florida fisheries we go it’s definitely my favorite.  Then it’s time for the big show, the Bassmaster Classic, at Lake Conroe.  I managed to spend two days down there before cut off.  About three quarters of my time was spent riding around and the other quarter was actually fishing.  I like how that one is going to set up too and can’t wait for the Classic.

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Hayden, Id – January 10, 2017 – Brandon Palaniuk, the 29-year-old Bassmaster Elite Series professional angler from Hayden, Id has joined the ZOOM Bait Company Pro Staff.

Palaniuk, a two-time Bassmaster Elite Series Champion and winner of the 2010 BASS Nation National Championship is one of the most popular young anglers in the business; has chosen to join the fishing industries’ most recognizable and widely distributed brand of soft plastic baits as a promotional team member. >> read more

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Back to Work

Posted by admin on December 21, 2016


There’s no question it’s feeling like the holiday season here in Idaho.  We’ve got a good bit of snow and cold weather which has allowed me to spend a lot of time in my office working on the business side of things.  Going into the new season I’ve expected everything to go smoothly with my sponsor deals.  Overall, it’s not been too stressful as many of my old deals are multi-year and aren’t up for renewal.  I’m very fortunate to align with the companies I do; we all seem to share the same views on the fishing industry and work very well together.

We will be having a couple of changes in 2017 that I’m really excited for.  I’ll be announcing a few new partnerships that I feel are great companies.  One is a start up that I truly think can change the game in the industry.

I’ve also been working on some personal projects and ideas that I think could start changing the industry.  I have spoken to some sponsors and other industry professionals and there has already been some interest expressed.  My grand idea would be very large scale, involving full time videographers and photographers following me around all season.  This would include not only the Elite Series, but also hunting trips and other adventures.  It’s something I’m pretty excited about and I’m continuing to work on putting everything together.  I really think it will help shed more light on our sport and industry in a positive manner.

This past month I was at SEMA working with my sponsors in the automotive accessories side of things.  It was a great event.  It went very quickly with everything going on, but I did make some new contacts and secured some prior deals.  I also made sure to see all the cool new accessories on the market.  It is an amazing atmosphere.  Some of the Elite guys that were there hadn’t been to it in the past and were blown away by how big the show actually is.

I made it out in the woods a little more chasing some elk and mule deer.  It was a bit frustrating as I didn’t see one worth shooting this year.  The more I do it and the older I get though, I really just enjoying being out there in the woods.  It’s really peaceful and the scenery is beautiful.  I want to do some more hunting next year.  I’d love to do some destination hunts.  There’s so many cool places to see that I really look forward to.

This past week my wrap was finished up and I picked my boat up.  Everything looks good to go and with our season starting earlier than normal, I’ll be heading out sooner rather than later.  But, for now, I’m looking forward to enjoying the holidays with my family and friends.  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and new year.

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