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Brandon Palaniuk powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

Brandon Palaniuk powered by Pro Sites Unlimited
Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Brandon Palaniuk weighs in with Terry Brown on Wired2Fish about the Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake and his career.

Brandon Palaniuk on Wired2Fish

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New Season. New Look. Brandon Palaniuk on the 2013 Tour

Posted by admin on February 16, 2013


With the start of the 2013 Season, one thing is for sure: you can't miss Brandon Palaniuk. Thanks to Rigid Industries, he'll be lighting up more than just the leader board.

The teaming of Rigid Industries and Brandon Palaniuk combines two of the most highly motivated partners in the world. While widely known in the marine world, Rigid Industries can also be found lighting up off-road and light truck vehicles, UTV's, ATV's, work/utility vehicles, the mining industry, and now advancing its technology into the agriculture world with many new lights releasing in Q1 2013. To learn more about the newest Team Rigid Athlete, Brandon Palaniuk and the Rigid Industries line of LED Products, connect with Rigid Industries today.

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When you see Brandon Palaniuk backing down the loading ramp this year, there is no mistaken — this guy is turning heads. Not only with his fishing, but now with his complete brand. It started with his partnership with Rigid Industries LED Lighting for his new lighting, wrap and color scheme. With his new website from Pro Sites Unlimited LLC, the look continues on tour.

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Don Barone - Open Letter to Brandon Palaniuk

Posted by admin on April 23, 2012


Editor's note: Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk replied to Barone's Open letter to Palaniuk. See Palaniuk's response.

"Let's drink to the hard working people..."

Dateline: Comes, first

Dear Brandon:

Savor this.

It will never happen again.


Son, you will win again, probably several times.

But never again will you win your first Elite tournament.

Stanley Cup this moment.

Bring that Elite trophy everywhere...get in your truck and drive that trophy back home to Idaho. Hand it to...

...every teacher you ever had.

...every guy you ever bought bait from.

...the dude who sold you your first boat.



...every family member you have.

...the docs and nurses in the ER who took the hook out here in Mountain Home, Ark.

And then my friend, I want you to do me one other favor.


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